From the Front Lines in Florida

From a friend in Tallahassee:

The battle is hot here in FL. The electeds and party hacks are almost uniformly pro-Romney. But many of them are the same people who early on endorsed Crist over Rubio, when the former’s Senate win seemed (to them) inevitable.  My impression is the grassroots types are breaking toward Newt.  It’s amazing that the race here now seems like a toss-up, when just a week ago it appeared Romney would blow away the field.

The fourth most populous state in the nation, Florida will next Tuesday cast more GOP primary votes than Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina combined.  Florida matters–and the latest poll shows a dead heat.

Update at 2:25PM Pacific:  Two new polls have just come out, one by CNN, one by Qunnipiac.  Both show Romney up by two, 36 to 34. Looks as though everything–everything–will come down to tomorrow night’s debate.