Friday Wrap-Up

There’s already plenty to digest on the Main Feed, but this has been an unusually eventful Friday, so we figured we’d open the floor to conversation on all of these fronts yet unexplored.

1. Scott Brown is not running for the Senate seat formerly held by John Kerry in Massachusetts. There’s some speculation that he may run for governor next year.

2. Steven Chu announced that he’ll be stepping down as Secretary of Energy.

3. The Obama Administration claims that it’s figured a way to carry out the contraception mandate without violating religious freedom.

4. John Kerry has now officially been sworn in as the new Secretary of State.

5. President George W. Bush’s Scottish Terrier, Barney, has died.

6. Chris Matthews, ever genteel, has referred to John McCain’s aggressive questioning of Chuck Hagel during his confirmation hearings to become Secretary of Defense as looking like a Vietnam flashback.