Free Speech Is the Enemy

I just got back from my honeymoon late last night and no sooner am I home than I find yet another case of students believing that censorship is a noble, romantic pursuit. My book is filled with such examples, but they never cease to depress me. Check out today’s example from Canada:

Yesterday Carleton Students for Liberty set up a “free speech wall” – large sheets of paper on which people could write anything they’d like. The idea is to get people thinking about speech and encourage (ironically, given what’s happened) a safe space for all points of view to be expressed. Last night, a student named Arün Séamus Surinder Smith tore down the wall, a moral imperative, he claims, in order to create safe space on campus.

You can read all about it, here. And as a FIRE staffer pointed out, instead of engaging in vandalism, the student could have written his complaints on … the free speech wall. What a novel concept.