Fragmentary Thoughts

Last night, at the Democratic National Convention, Elizabeth Warren charged that the system is rigged. She ought to know. She has herself gamed that system, posing as a person of Cherokee ancestry in order to get an advantage in the competition for high-prestige law school jobs.

In 2008 and ever since, Barack Obama has posed as an advocate of bipartisan comity. But, we learn, from excerpts of Bob Woodward’s new book that were leaked to ABC News, that when the Republicans took the House of Representatives in November, 2010, the President and his minions did not even know John Boehner’s telephone number. Pause for a moment and savor that. The man had been President for almost two years, and neither this advocate of bipartisan amity nor those on his staff even knew how to get in touch with the minority leader in the House.

We have heard a lot from Barack Obama and others in his party over the last couple of years about the need for civility, but he appears to have exempted members of his own party from that obligation. He did not speak up in the last few days when prominent Democrats equated Republicans, such as Paul Ryan and Nikki Haley, with members of Hitler’s National Socialist Party. He did not rebuke his Vice-President when he intimated that the Republicans were intent on re-enslaving African-Americans; and yesterday, when the chairman of the Democratic Party in Florida’s Palm Beach County spewed out his hatred for evangelical Christians, he said nothing at all.

In the Age of Obama, words seem to have lost their meaning.