Flying Emirates

As I mentioned on the podcast yesterday morning, I write a weekly column for the English-language daily newspaper in Abu Dhabi, The National.

I write about Hollywood, about the life of a screenwriter. It’s often a more expounded version of my weekly commentary on the local NPR station here in Los Angeles — which is sort of an inside view for local listeners — but what I like about the National gig is that it encourages me to read actually read the paper, to read something else at least once a week, to break out of the NYT-WSJ silo that I often lapse into. It’s an interesting and well-written paper, and often has surprisingly sophisticated international coverage.

Here’s my latest.

And full disclosure: I only agreed to write the column because I was promised 2 things. The first, business cards with English on one side, Arabic on the other (I thought it’d be cool). And the second: at least one expense-paid junket to Abu Dhabi in one of the first class Emirates Air mini-cabins I’ve seen advertised in The Economist.

Neither one of those things has come to pass. But I’m patient.