Farewell Dave. Godspeed.

Today Dave Brubeck died. He was born 6 Dec, 1920. For me, he was one of the few jazz names that I knew, having listened to his famous Take Five as a high schooler. It was a haunting tune, regardless of whether you liked jazz or not. Unlike Thelonius Monk, his form was more traditional and easy on the ears. His drummer was the cream of the crop for many, many years also.

Another legend is gone. May he rest in peace. Long live his music.

  1. PJS

    Dave lived around the corner from me, here in Wilton, CT.  Literally around the corner.  He was a lovely man, and loved this little New England town.  He was a huge advocate for the library, for example.  He’ll be sorely missed here, and not just for the music.

  2. Severely Ltd.

    Another giant passes. My son is a particular fan of Brubecks, he’ll feel this one.

  3. Misthiocracy

    He’s one of my dad’s favourites (along with Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, and Oliver Jones).

  4. flownover


    Say hi to Paul Desmond when you guys get to reunite. Gonna miss both of you.

  5. Percival
    flownover: Dave,

    Say hi to Paul Desmond when you guys get to reunite. Gonna miss both of you. · 15 minutes ago

    Desmond actually wrote Take Five.  It was the only chart on the album Time Out that Brubeck didn’t write.  Desmond willed the royalties to the Red Cross.

  6. Nanda Panjandrum

    Rest in peace and joy, Dave!  For all the joy you gave…

  7. Cornelius Julius Sebastian

    Fare thee well, and Godspeed, good sir.  The gift of your music lives on.

  8. thelonious

    Pure genius.  Saw him twice in concert.  I know this sounds weird.  Most improvisors sound like they’re just improvising.  Brubeck was so thoughtful and innovative he sounded like he was composing a new piece of music every time he took a solo.  Both Monk and Brubeck were innovative and genius in their own way.  Due to my avatar I feel I must defend Thelonious Sphere Monk.  R.I.P Dave. 

  9. Glenn the Iconoclast

    While I’m just a Sunday morning light jazz listener, I admire the form, if only because the Nazi’s hated schragemusik (crooked music).

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