1. Angmoh Gao

    To quote a Telegraph columnist: The Nobel Committee is trolling the right.

  2. Cornelius Julius Sebastian

    The Nobel Peace Prize has been a farce for some time, even before its craven gift of it to Obama, but this is particularly mind boggling.

  3. Fred Cole

    Like they said at Reason.com

    At least it wasn’t the Nobel Prize for economics…

  4. Sweet and Low

    And the United States of America, spending trillions of dollars to keep these Yarbles from committing self genocide for the third time in a century  doesn’t get honorable mention?   

    Forty years ago, MGM learned that it stopped making good pictures, all they are is a logo.  Same for The New York Times, Screaming Yellow Zonkers, PBS, Kenny Rogers Chicken, and the Nobel Peace Prize.  

  5. Trace

    Maybe the Nobel Committee should just give the prize to itself.

  6. Mel Foil
    Trace Urdan: Maybe the Nobel Committee should just give the prize to itself.

    But, to qualify, you have to be in a position to do REAL damage–not just damage to intellectual justice, decency, and logic.

  7. Pseudodionysius

    I’d like Nigel Farage’s opinion on the award.

  8. with me where I am

    I’m not sure what is worse, the 2009 award to Obama, or this one to the EU.

  9. Indaba

    Seems that the Nobel P.Prize serves as a warning bell.

  10. Misthiocracy

    A small committee made up of Norwegian bureaucrats think the European Union is a pretty neat idea.

    In other news, water is wet.

  11. Crow

    Nigel Farage’s quip that this ‘proves the  Norwegians do have a sense of humor’ is fitting: the irony of a Committee from a deeply Euro-skeptic nation giving the prize to the EU is amusing to behold. I look forward to reading the headlines if the Norweigan Parliament tries to recommend abandoning the Kroner in favor of the Euro….ha!

  12. Johnny Dubya

    Lately, they like to give the prize to incipient mistakes (Obama) or established ones (the EU).

  13. Misthiocracy

    I mean really, clearly the real reason the Nobel committee keeps making these idiotic decisions is simply to keep the prize in the news, since in the 21st Century a $1,000,000 prize awarded from a few Norwegians isn’t exactly news.

    A million bucks?! Thanks, that’ll pay the EU’s Perrier budget for about a week.

    Oh, but it’s not about the money, it’s about the symbolism!

    Right, the symbolism of who a few Norwegian academics thinks is really nifty each year.

    Screw it.

  14. Stephen Ford

    Following the Nobel Peace Prize is like reading the New York Times: it’s always good to understand what the Left thinks about itself.

  15. Israel P.

    This seems to me rather harmless, as these things go. It won’t encourage their behavior or anything and there are lots of worse choices.

    Not talking about it seems the best way to go.

  16. Keith Rice

    So Ahmadinejad and his dedication to peaceful use of nuclear power got edged out this year, hmmm, maybe he’ll win next year.

  17. Ryan M

    ahahaha – I just saw that headline and literally (yes, literally) started laughing.  The NPP was officially a joke after Obama got it for … um … for … well, after it was awarded to Obama.  Oh, well… and Al Gore, and … is this thing even prestigious anymore, or is it just a million dollar (or so) windfall to people who already have a million dollars?

  18. Tim H.

    This comes on a historic anniversary:  One hundred years ago today, the 1912 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to “RMS Titanic.”

    Congratulations to all the  Laureates in Europe, especially my in-laws!  Hang on to those medals—you may be able to trade them for bread next year.  Or since they’re good and heavy, you could swing them around on the ribbons to fight off the rampaging mobs trying to steal your food cache.

  19. tabula rasa

    Perhaps it’s an advance consolation prize to recognize that, after the euro collapses sometime in the next couple of years, Europe will turn into the Balkans writ large.

    They may be too old and tired to engage in an actual war, but they’ll snipe at each other like two eighty-year-old neighbors with a life-time of grudges poisoning them.  And heaven help them if a larger neighboring power (say Russia) tries to get frisky militarily.  Who will they run to?  Yup.  The USA.

  20. PerMoeNorway

    So the European Union got the nod from the Norwegian Nobel Committee.  I expect that the crucial contribution the USA has made towards Europe’s stability will go largely unacknowledged.  Any proper acknowledgement of how the American people’s military guaranties and investments cocooned Western Europe for generations, will highlight to whom a lions share of the credit is actually due.  Instead our smug European statesmen will congratulate themselves, forget who untethered them from the pesky impositions of reality to pursue their elitist dream of a united Europe.  Hope I am way of and that this Noble Peace Prize becomes an ode to the importance of spreading the ideas of individual freedom and free enterprise.  Could happen. 

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