Drill, Baby, Drill–Or, We Must Learn to Bear the Truth About Ourselves, No Matter How Good it Might Be

Yesterday, the Republican minority on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee released a report entitled Energy 2020. As the introduction by Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, the ranking minority member, makes clear, North America can produce enough energy to meet its own needs and then some by 2020–that is, in less than a decade.

The full report presents all kinds of marvelous data and analysis–if anyone tries to tell you Republicans know nothing about science, send him the link–but one chart says it all:


New technologies have already enabled us to boost our energy production dramatically–and enabled us to cut our imports from OPEC by a like amount. What nearly every president since Richard Nixon has promised and failed to do, in other words–free us from dependence on foreign oil–the free markets are quite neatly accomplishing.