Dispatches from Hofstra

My daughter Annalisa is a freshman at Hofstra University, site of tonight’s round two of the debate between the guys with funny first names.

Annalisa.signs.jpgDespite fighting an awful cold and my admonition that she stay inside to avoid what I imagine to be teams of dangerous zealots (hey I’m a worried Dad – give me a pass) she wandered outside to take some photos.

There is one of her underneath the endless flow of copters (no armed drones, I hope). Another is of the MSNBC tent, which managed to land prime real estate right at the student center.Annalisa.helicopter.jpg

My favorite so far is the one with the group of youngsters she encountered holding signs. She found them so kooky that she and her roommate grabbed the “hang loose” sign and posed with them.

Annalisa.msnbc.jpgTake a look at the other signs. What if anything can we learn about today’s college students judging from the signs you see in the photo?