Dispatches from Hofstra, Part 3

Here is a guy with a groovy Obama tee shirt. My daughter thinks he looks angry. Can anyone tell me what that symbol under the President’s neck means?

I ask you to view the picture of the two boys holding signs, and weep for our future.

I love the other boy, who is psyched to be using the 1st Amendment!

Annalisa said she is having trouble finding pro-Romney pictures to take at a northeastern college in New York. Maybe she should make one.


  1. Eeyore

    “Hi Pops! I’m exercising my 1st amendment rights” on your dime, even though you told me to buckle down and study.

  2. Cuban Mike
    Red and black, where have I seen these colors before?  Hm? Oh, that’s right: 324px-M-26-7svg.png 
  3. Eeyore

    Here’s the original for the tee, so maybe it’s just the makers logo.


  4. Benjamin Glaser

    Your future college graduates America. 

  5. Spin

    The backwards E means “it exists” or something like that in some sort of mathematical logic.  The N might mean “Not” as in Not Exists.  That could mean that Obama is so cool he doesn’t exist.  Maybe… 

  6. Percival

    “Mitt Romney can’t even tie his own shoes!!”

    Wow.  Jonathan Swift lives.

  7. Basil Fawlty

    Well, at least I don’t see anyone displaying a “proud Catholic for gay marriage” sign. There’s still some hope for Hofstra.

  8. Albert Arthur

    It’s either Nota Bene, or New Balance.

  9. Deborah Shey

    It looks like NB to me. NB means nota bene in latin. Literal translation is “note well”. Loose translation is “pay attention” , “take note”, “note well”, “important point”.

  10. BrentB67

    I was thinking the picture of the 2 guys was actually pro-Romney or at least anti-media. I thought the signs were examples of some outrageous nonsense the main stream media/Obama campaign extension team would say to try and get Obama re-elected.

  11. Late Boomer

    You’ll have to cut Hofstra some slack, there is a large Ed. School there.

  12. Michael Kelly

    Hey not all of us who were education majors are morons. We just made a terrible life decision, like graduate students. 

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