Did You Watch the Debate or Just Listen to It?

Our experience here in the Dunphy house illustrated the divergence in perceptions between those who watched the Biden/Romney debate last night and those who only listened to it. I watched on television while the Divine Mrs. Dunphy prepared dinner, allowing her to hear it but not watch. She came away with an impression similar to Peter’s, i.e. that Ryan seemed ineffectual and passive while allowing Biden to shove him around. 

But I, having watched the exchange, was left thinking what I have thought for quite some time — that Biden is a gaseous blowhard, one whose habit of smiling at inappropriate times gives one cause to question his sanity. There were times I thought the men in the white suits would come creeping in from the wings with four-point restraints and take him away “for a good rest.”

Honestly, if there is anything more frightening than the thought of Barack Obama as President of the United States for another four years, it’s Joe Biden as Vice President.