Did The President Make Sense Today For Some Reason?

I can’t sit through 20 seconds of an Obama speech and the 60 minutes thing was an abomination. But today I found myself not being able to turn off the President’s explanation of his plans for immigration reform, which interrupted Rush.

It was masterful. It was like the salesman who, when told that his customer simply “can’t afford to buy it,” turns the tables and says “here’s why you can’t afford NOT to buy it.” I was thinking Peter Robinson was moonlighting over there, the speech was so good. He was so confident he let the Republicans have some of the glory.

I have no idea if it’s true, and since this president said it I have my doubts, but he really took the wind out of the “floodgates” argument (as far as talking points go) with his stunning statistic that illegal border crossings are down 80% from their highs in 2000.

Maybe the argument is that Obama’s economy is so bad we barely need a border fence anymore (Al Qaeda agrees with this, by the way). I recently acquired a pass to avoid the Mexican border lines in my car. During my interview, the agent said most people get them because there are lots of jobs in Tijuana for San Diego residents.

I know Obama ignored key issues like enforcement and the drain immigrants have on some services, but regardless, the guy hit one out of the park today. He made limonada by mixing failed economic policies with broken promises from his last term, and everyone’s going to drink it up.