Diane Ellis for Marshall!

Last night, Diane was kind enough to post one of her articles from yesterday on Face Book which quickly drew fire from an individual who claimed (at least as much as I could understand) that Obamacare was in fact a conservative proposal and was considered as such by such conservative icons as Bill Moyers and Robert Reich. We dullards on the right were just too fanatic to understand that. The young individual might have started the argument, but Diane quickly finished it and ca…

  1. MLH

     ”Marshal,” unless you want her to genderbend.

  2. Ottoman Umpire

    I read this post right after listening to the clip in Briar Ann’s post.  Two courageous women who speak their minds, and do so effectively.

    Now if only I can shake the image of Diane with a German accent.

  3. Johannes Allert
    MLH:  ”Marshal,” unless you want her to genderbend. ¬∑ Apr 27 at 6:09am

    Geezz..Typo ! I hate that when that happens..  :(

  4. Larry Koler

    My favorite Western.

  5. Diane Ellis

    What a nice post, Johannes.  And I enjoyed the clip.

    I appreciated how my Ricochet compadres were so thoughtful and polite throughout that thread, resisting provocation and attempting to engage that rather unhinged young man with respect and patience.

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