Demand a Plan! Gun Control Hollywood Style…

This is just too funny not to share. Warning though, graphic movie violence depicted. You’ll see why it’s not gratuitous, though. It’s totally necessary to make the point.

  1. jetstream

    Well, watching this clip takes the sting out of Hagel as Sec. of Def.  Even after our military is reduced to Ralphie with his Red Ryder and a guy with a row boat,  we are still going to have the meanest, baddest actors on the planet taking care of things … this Hollywood crowd be some extra tough hombres … I’m feelin’ better already …

  2. Jimmy Carter

    “No more Fort Hoods.”

    Right on!…. oh, wait…

  3. Mama Toad

    I thought it was awful, not funny, because the actors depicted are not capable of seeing the irony, I fear. But then, there’s no accounting for taste. I am glad you shared it with us, Western Chauvinist.

  4. Casey


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