1. Rob Long

    Yikes.  I see I double posted.  Thanks, Eeyore.

  2. Colin B Lane

    Double post or not, I now have to figure out whether the coffee I just spewed on my iPad has done any damage. 

  3. Trace

    It really bears several viewings…

    “I am not a robot… I wish.”

    “Ahmed?” “Um, yeah. He’s asleep.”

  4. Casey

    This is so, so good.  No agenda.  Just funny.

  5. Arahant

    Thanks Rob, and Eeyore, too.

  6. 1967mustangman

    Saw this yesterday it was pretty awesome.

  7. Albert Arthur

    That was probably their best bad lip reading video to date.

  8. Eeyore

    Great minds…?

  9. Joan of Ark La Tex

    Love it. Thanks. Are we seeing some war paint on your cheeks finally? 

  10. Whiskey Sam

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

  11. Cunctator

    Actually, they just got the transcripts from previous Joe Biden speeches and mixed them to video

  12. should_be_studying

    if only the founders could see us now.

  13. Benjamin Carter

    I love the BadLipReading videos!

  14. Giantkiller

    Wow – too funny!  The people waiting outside my office to see me must wonder what the heck I am laughing about.

  15. FeliciaB

    :D :D :D :D :D  I love it!

  16. MisterSirius

    I admire their work, but this one raises the bar. Wow!

  17. JGriff

    Truly amazing.  If you judge simply by if the lips correspond with the specific word (disregarding context), I would never be able to say anything was wrong.

    That people have time to produce something like this, once again proves that we are the most prosperous society in history.

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