Debate Caption Contest

From the Drudge Report:

  1. No Caesar

    I am engaged, I am engaged.  I am not Joe Biden.  I am not Joe Biden

  2. Essgee

     My hemorrhoids are killing me and this guy is being another pain in my rear.

    [Edited for Code of Conduct]

  3. John Peabody

    Dang, Mitt, I can see right through your ears! You must be missing 47% of your brain…

  4. Doug Lee

    Got to pee got to pee got to pee . . . 

  5. ChuckMenoFalls

    Ladies and gentleman. I, the great Obonzo, will climb into this cannon and launch myself directly back to the White House. 

    Ready, set…  what, this isn’t a cannon?

  6. Fastflyer

    I vish to bite your neck. Muh-hah-ha-ha!

  7. Misthiocracy

    “System Error. Will reboot in 3 … 2 … 1 …”

  8. Misthiocracy

    “Darn, he appears to be immune to the Jedi Mind Trick!”

  9. Valiuth

    “I’m going to interrupt him right……”

  10. Boymoose

    this guy can’t execute a cheek roll …. left or right not foward!

  11. Gregory Conterio

    I bet Biden I could do a goofier face than anything he did during his debate!  How’s this one?

  12. Joan of Ark La Tex

    If I stare at him long enough, he would disappear. Been doing this for 4 years with the economy, it should work here. 

  13. Fred Cole

    I think you have a salamander on his shoulder.

  14. Cutlass


  15. Egg_Shen

    Miss it Noonan. … mmmIIIIISSSIIIITTTT…..miss…..BLARAWAGAH!!!

  16. Casey

    “Write your number on that ball and toss it back.”

  17. Red Feline

    Romney really is too in control. Just watch me call him a liar.

  18. Casey

    Maybe he’s looking at George Bush’s watch.

  19. Pat in Obamaland

    “Wait, what’s the deficit?”

  20. theotherbriansmith

    Wind and gas are both parts of the “all of the above” energy plan.

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