Dear Lawyers and Catholics: Contraception Mandates?

The recent kerfluffle between the Catholic Church and HHS is perplexing me.  Apparently, the battle between Rome and the forces of fairness about mandated contraceptive coverage has been burning now for awhile, at the state level.  I have stumbled upon a fascinating piece from the Texas Review of Law & Politics.  Now, I don’t know much about law, but I am fairly …

  1. Guruforhire

     My wife probably way more in shampoo too.  Being that there is more of it, and head and shoulders doesnt cut it for the ladies.

  2. Pseudodionysius

    Well, I suppose the quickest quip from a non-lawyer would be: “uh, ladies, if your man is making you pay the freight for contraceptives, have you ever thought that perhaps you’re paying twice?” And the second would be a question about how children get classified as a disease to which we must acquire a prescription.

    But, there is one other interesting takeaway as I mull over your excellent find: I can’t speak for Protestant organizations, but historically Catholic organizations have been pretty lax with trying to enforce any kind of requirement that their own employees are Catholics or assent to Magisterial teaching. Whatever one may think of Catholic teaching on this matter or gay marriage, I think it follows quite obviously that rather than violate their conscience they will end up shutting down as has already happened.

    Effectively, this seems to be part of a larger pattern of ensuring stealth Erastianism in the United States. Quite ironic, when you think of so many people fleeing to the United States to escape exactly that.

  3. Ottoman Umpire

    Great post.  I gather the answer to Natalie’s question on the Intel tab is “no”?

    Guruforhire:  My wife probably way more in shampoo too.  Being that there is more of it, and head and shoulders doesnt cut it for the ladies. · Feb. 6 at 4:52am

    It probably takes a long time to cut as well. California, in its infinite wisdom, outlawed price discrimination on this basis decades ago.  The result seems to be that two types of hair cutting places have emerged: those that spend 15 minutes to cut your hair (frequented by men) and those that take an hour (frequented by women).  The Taliban would be proud of our gender segregation.  

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