David Angelo: Voice of Reason. Pass it On.

Comedian David Angelo is a funny, droll dude. And from my one appearance with him on Red Eye, it seems like he’s, um, on our side. So he’s funny — really funny — and on our side. Which is rare.

Here he is explaining the sequester:

  1. Steven Potter

    I don’t usually share politically themed updates on Facebook, but I just shared that video.  I’m still laughing about it.  

    I see he has some other videos in the series which are great viewing too.

  2. Elizabeth Van Horn

    Posting to FB, and my virtual world profile.   Thank you Rob!

    (Hmm, might even figure out how to use my Twitter account, and post there too…Mahwhaha!) 

  3. mask


  4. Commodore BTC

    this guy needs to go viral, he’s exactly the kind of droll merry prankster Breitbart would love

  5. Western Chauvinist

    Sorry, but I laughed harder at the guy in the comments who is out of equities, selling gold and buying toilet paper and tampons, ’cause he’s gonna be rich like Warren Buffet who’s doing the same! Now, that’s funny!

  6. Cornelius Julius Sebastian

    Absolutely outstanding!  Thanks Rob!

  7. Joe Fremeau

    Biggest laugh-out-loud moment was the President claiming the cuts would set medical research back a generation.

  8. 3rd angle projection

    That’s great work right there.

    A friend of mine asked me the other day about sequester. I now have to revise my answer.

  9. FloppyDisk90

    Awesome.  Thanks for passing this along.

  10. Plato

    Chief Warren only wants to spend more wampum.

    Heh, heh.

  11. Bruce Caward

    Rush’s great concept – the “low-information voter” is never going to see this. 

    I thought the funniest line was when he was looking off to the side and said “…they’re in charge now”, but the problem is that they are, and they’re never going to see this, or care or understand if they did. 

    I like the guy though.

  12. Barkha Herman

    He has a new subscriber on his you tube channel.

  13. Barkha Herman

    @Rob – BTW what did Lauren Sivan say that was muted?  I know coc won’t allow it, but feel free to send me a private message….

  14. Paul J. Croeber

    If you can be that laconic while still insightful and funny you have a unique talent that a hollering, indignant, gesticulating Jon Stewart never had.

  15. Paul J. Croeber
    Barkha Herman: He has a new subscriber on his you tube channel. · 27 minutes ago

    Second that Barkha!

  16. Pencilvania

    Even droller than Carolla-r, if that’s possible.  Love it!

  17. Indaba

    Smart too. Lived the Scream picture and – they said Bush was scaring everyone.

  18. George Savage

    Not only funny but insightful and informative.  Consider the eye-opening comparison to the mechanics of the recent housing bubble.  From the on-screen bullet points at 4:16:

    Predatory lending to U.S.A.

    -We can’t repay loans.

    -Low teaser rates (0.1% on 90-day Treasury bills)

    -Flipping debt to Federal Reserve

  19. Spin

    Great video.  I asked a liberal co-worker how he was preparing to make it through the sequester, was he going to go stock up on canned goods or anything.  He just laughed.  When I said “Look, it’s about 2.5% of the federal budget, going forward!”  He said “That much, I can’t believe they are cutting that much!”  I swear, it’s a lost cause.  And this guy is pretty dang smart.  

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