Dave Carter … on NPR

Make that two posts we never thought we’d write on Ricochet.

That’s right, our very own road warrior was interviewed by WKNO, an NPR station in the mid-south, for a profile on “The Ride of Pride,” his veteran-themed rig (seen at right), and the broader issue of veterans in the trucking industry:

After Dave Carter retired from the Air Force, he started driving an 18-wheeler. When Carter is on the road (which is most of the time now) he sleeps behind the steering wheel on a twin bed in the small cab of the truck, and it reminds him of his time in the military, “A lot of veterans are attracted to this line of work, because the living conditions, sometimes are austere, Spartan in some degree, and for vets, it’s like being deployed,” Carter said.

Carter drives a distinctive big-rig emblazoned with symbols of patriotism for one of the largest trucking companies in the country, Schneider National. Carter pointed to a spot on his fender where the words ‘In Memoriam to Deceased Veterans’ were printed, “It’s called the ‘Ride of Pride.’ There are four of them in the U.S., one in Canada,” Carter said, “They are commemorating active duty folks and veterans.”

The mobile-memorial is also a rolling-advertisement geared to make former military members aware of jobs at Schneider National. Despite the fact that millions of Americans are looking for work, ninety percent of trucking companies say they can’t find enough drivers. Long hours and many nights spent away from home make the driver’s seat difficult to fill, so trucking companies are targeting a group they believe has the skill-set to handle a tough job—veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Read the full piece — and hear the interview — here.