Daily Poll Update: Have At It

General Election:

(Gallup Tracking) Romney 51, Obama 45 Romney +6

(Rasmussen Tracking) Romney 49, Obama 48 Romney +1

Presidential Race by State:

Connecticut: (Siena) Obama 53, Romney 38 Obama +15

New Hampshire: (Rasmussen Reports) Obama 50, Romney 49 Obama +1

Nevada: (LVRJ/SurveyUSA) Obama 48, Romney 45 Obama +3


  1. Illiniguy

    Last night will shore up the base, but not move the needle of momentum. Romney received the boost that all challengers receive in the first debate, which is immediate credibility. He made the most of it by showing himself as presidential. I think he’ll do better in the next debate when Libya comes up, and I hope that when Obama starts touting his foreign policy experience, Romney smacks him down by saying that if Obama can learn on the job, anyone can.

  2. Mothership_Greg

    What’s up with Rasmussen swing state polling showing Obama up 50-47?  If that’s accurate, Romney better do well in the next debate.  On the other hand, Romney seemed to be debating like the frontrunner last night.  I’m positive he’d have been throwing more haymakers if the internal polling showed him trailing.  Maybe Gallup is closer to the truth…

  3. Frederick Key

    McMahon’s ads against Murphy have been absolutely devastating. Some of the best I’ve ever seen. If she does not wallop him then Connecticut is as hopeless as California.

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