Daily Poll Update: Churning the Numbers

General Election:

(IBD/TIPP) Romney 44, Obama 45 Obama +1

(Politico/GWU/Battleground) Romney 48, Obama 49 Obama +1

(ABC News/Wash Post) Romney 49, Obama 48 Romney +1

(Rasmussen Reports) Romney 49, Obama 47 Romney +2

(Gallup) Romney 50, Obama 46  Romney +4

Presidential Race by State:

California: (LA Times/USC) Oba…

  1. Frozen Chosen

    Rasmussen showing Romney ahead in Ohio, Obama can’t crack 47% in Minnesota – this thing is all falling apart for Barry.

    See my member post for 3 factors working against Obama.

  2. Andrew

    Pour it on, Mitt!

  3. RightinChicago

    The Detroit Tigers have a better chance of winning the 2012 World Series than Obama has of winning the 2012 Presidential election.  

  4. Whiskey Sam

    Does the Washington Post only poll their own newsroom?

  5. Copperfield

    The Politico/Battleground national poll is sampling Democrat +4; if leaners are included, Democrat +2. 

    The IBD/TIPP national poll is sampling Democrat +7 (2008 turnout model). 

    The Washington Post Virginia poll is sampling Democrat +9.  Don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist, but that one smacks of a “change the narrative” poll. 

    The Romney camp finally has a poll showing a GOP Presidential lead in Ohio, and by Rasmussen who generally tries to play it straight.  Start of a trend? 

    As always, thanks for this, Mollie.  Much appreciated. 

  6. wmartin

    The internals for that Rasmussen poll are not great for us in Ohio. Ras has Obama leading indies by four, about the same as that CNN poll from last week that showed Obama up. Not sure I trust that, but then I have to accept that the topline may also be wrong…

  7. Archie Campbell

    Romney’s made up eight points here in California!  Only 14 to go!  Oh, dang.  Got excited there for a minute.

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