Crowdsourcing the Yoo Administration

Thanks for all who’ve weighed in on my hypothetical candidacy for Mayor of Oakland. I love the “a vote for me is a vote for Yoo” slogan. And I’ve got a great symbol for the campaign: Vote 4 U. 

Now that all the hard work is done, and the leftover campaign funds from American Crossroads have poured into my personal checking account, let’s crowdsource a platform. 

Which cities in America are best governed? What are the best conservative policies that have worked to turn around an American city? Giuliani’s fight to reduce crime by deploying beat officers and concentrating on high crime locations comes first to mind. Any others?

Also, while we’re agenda-setting, I’ll name my cabinet in advance — which I think candidates should do. Oakland city government will be like the Kennedy’s Camelot, where the best and brightest will flock to serve their nation:

Minister of Truth (formerly known as press secretary): Peter Robinson

Minister of Defense (formerly police commissioner): Victor Davis Hanson

Minister of Creative Destruction (formerly head of business licensing and inspection): Rob Long

Head of Water Board (res ipsa): James Lileks

Any other ideas for nominations?