Could Israel Have an Additional Motive for Attacking Gaza Now?

Of course, the missiles raining down on Israel from the Gaza strip provide more than ample reason and justification for Israel to attack Hamas now. But is it not also true that neutralizing Hamas’s missile capability now means not having to deal with them later, should Israel decide to attack Iran?

And has anyone noticed the lack of any response whatsoever from Hezbollah in the north? Which, to me – and the Israelis? – would seem to send a pretty clear signal that Iran can probably rely on Hezbollah to do bupkis in response to such an attack.

Putting both of the above together, it would seem to be a pretty good guess that, thanks to Israel’s current activities in Gaza, should they decide to attack Iran, they most likely would be fighting one enemy, not three – an enemy that, incidentally, has a minimal, outdated air force, and does not have a common border from which to launch a land war.

Just sayin’.