Claire Berlinski caught bathing Pseudodionysius Film at 11

  1. Mama Toad

    I cannot imagine one of my cats ever putting up with a bath. I also can’t believe that two tadpoles and I just watched that whole video.

  2. Pseudodionysius

    If someone bathes while on Skype during a podcast do you think there’s a risk of being electrocuted?

  3. Indaba

    What was all that stuff coming off with the comb, only hair I hope? My son tried to bath our Siamese but it bounced off the top of the water and was gone in seconds. Not a chance.

  4. Edward Smith

    Call the Vatican.  That cat is a saint!

  5. Robert Lux

    I’m only 20 seconds in, and I’m already laughing out loud. 

  6. Natalie

    My cats took a vote and decided that this is the dumbest cat alive.

  7. Albert Arthur

    Why wash a cat at all? Cats aren’t dogs. Cats clean themselves.

  8. Mel Foil

    I want the drug that this cat is on.

  9. Edward Smith

    Bathing cats is a good idea.  Especially if they’ve been out and about (you never know what’s latched itself onto their fur), or if they are longer haired cats (it cuts down on furballs.

    Claire, I am guessing you got this cat quite young, and got it into the habit of being bathed early on.

  10. Jerry Broaddus

    Wouldn’t it be a lot easier just to put the thing in the dishwasher? I kid.

    It’s hard for me to believe I watched most of a video of someone bathing a young cat. I admit I was watching for the same reason that some people watch NASCAR; for the spectacular crashes.

  11. Red Feline

    I would not have believed it if I had not watched the whole video! Hilarious!

    Any cats I have tried to bath took off into orbit within seconds. I gave up the whole idea of ever bathing a cat, preferring to believe that they could keep themselves clean. I did brush them every day, which they seemed to enjoy. 

  12. Pseudodionysius

    This post has “please post me to main feed because I’m so cute” written all over it.

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