Christopher Dorner Is Dead


Earlier today, as news was breaking that San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies had surrounded a mountain cabin where Christopher Dorner was believed to be holed up, the media spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department, Commander Andrew Smith, was holding a previously scheduled press conference. “Everyone is very hopeful,” he said, “that this thing ends without any further bloodshed . . . The best thing for him now would be to surrender and allow us to take him into custody and he can face the criminal justice system.”

Commander Smith is a good man and is well respected in the department, but I disagree. In his position he has to say such things for public consumption, but surely he knew that cops everywhere were hoping that Dorner would meet his end right then and there, preferably from a cop’s bullet.

And now, though the body has yet to be identified, that’s apparently what has happened. We are now spared the vulgar carnival that would have attended Dorner’s prosecution had he been taken alive. Yes, even here in California he would have been given a death sentence, but he would have lived to old age on Death Row, all the while finding satisfaction in seeing the Crazy Left turn him into a folk hero along the lines of Mumia Abu Jamal.

The only lamentable thing about today is that Dorner claimed another life, that of a man far, far better than he was. In a few days or weeks, no one will be talking about Dorner anymore, which is as it should be. 

Perhaps the fire that consumed him in this life was but a preview of what awaits him in the next.