Chinese Dad Hires an Assasin

….to kill his son’s on-line character. Apparently, that was the only way to get the kid to join the real world. From The Next Web:

What would you do if your adult son was playing video games all day instead of looking for work? Well, one Chinese father resorted to desperate measures when he reportedly hired in-game hitmen to attack his son whenever he logged on to his favorite game, according to the People’s Daily.

After being killed repeatedly in an online game, 23-year-old Xiao Feng figured out that the high-level griefers had been put up to the task by his dad, who says he hoped the trick would cause his son to lose interest in the game. Xiao Feng maintains that he’s not going to settle for just any job and that he hasn’t found the right fit yet.

Two immediate responses: 1) It’s rather brilliant of the father, and suggests that the time has arrived when both parent and child are on-line game enthusiasts. And 2) It’s enormously comforting to hear that in China, young people are just as feckless and entitled as they are here. He hasn’t “found the right fit yet?” Doesn’t sound very Confucian to me. Sounds, in fact, like the Chinese-American trade balance is tipping in our favor: they send us iPhones, we send them the feel-good vocabulary of indolence.

We might win this trade war after all.