Campus Censorship and the New American Echo Chamber

When I was told that Inside Higher Ed had edited down an e-mail interview they conducted with me about my book, Unlearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate, by, like, a thousand words, I was a little nervous. Reading it today, though, I can barely tell what was cut out.

In the interview, I get to make several important thematic points about my book, including this one:

Compelling data show that the country as a whole has physically shifted into enclaves, neighborhoods, and cities of the like-minded. My point about higher education’s role is not so much that higher education is solely responsible for creating polarization, but more that it’s our one institution that could be helping us step outside our Internet and broadcast media echo chambers by teaching the difficult but useful intellectual habit of not only hearing the other side, but actually seeking out the intelligent person you disagree with as sort of a check on our own certainty.

Thanks to Allie Grassgreen for the thoughtful questions and the great editing. Okay, now off to my honeymoon. I really mean it this time. Leaving tomorrow!