But Do You Have to Take the Slide to Grab the Nosh?

I just stumbled across these photos of Google’s brand new Tel Aviv office.

You heard it here first, but I think that little outfit’s got legs. 

  1. Israel P.

    I would hate it.

  2. Dudley


    Retro was hideous when it was current. It is even more so the second time around.

  3. Scott Abel

    Looks more like a club than an office space.

    /Where’s my vodka-tonic?

  4. Percival
    EstoniaKat: Looks more like a club than an office space.

    /Where’s my vodka-tonic? · 2 minutes ago

    Mabel’s.  Champaign, Illinois, circa 1978.  The only problems are there are too many lights and not enough pillows on the floor.

  5. Grantman

    I dunno.  Kinda looks like my offices, except for everything shown, that is.   :-)

    I imagine it would be tough to get any work done around there, except the cubbies are much bigger than anything I’ve ever seen.  And clean.

  6. Cordelia

    Looks like a playroom for cats.

  7. John Murdoch

    That shag-covered sitting area (appears to be adjacent to the cafeteria) looks like a breeding ground for bacteria.Sick Building Syndrome, anyone?

  8. Doug Kimball
    Cordelia: Looks like a playroom for cats. · 34 minutes ago

    Exactly!  All we need are a few cadboard boxes, some hollow balls with bells in them, some catnip mice and few balls of yarn.

  9. Jimmy Carter

    Courtesy of Hefner Interior Design LLC.

  10. Severely Ltd.

    They sure are trying hard.

  11. iWe

    Pathetic. Signs of idiocy that they cannot find smarter ways to spend $$.

  12. FeliciaB

    Those cubicle walls aren’t high enough. People can see you playing Angry Birds or picking your nose.

  13. Group Captain Mandrake

    The idea of working while sitting in an orange grove is most appealing, particularly if the glorious smell of orange blossom is replicated.

  14. James Jones

    Disclaimer: I work at Google, but not in the Tel Aviv office.

    From my experience, that’s probably not a picture of a work area, but a lounge. We have a few of them scattered about. The actual work areas are usually more traditional cubicle-style spaces. (And you can get higher cubicle walls if you want them, FeliciaB. :)

  15. Pseudodionysius

    Ya, Google, baby.


  16. doc molloy

    Did James Lileks have anything to do with the design layout? Kooky retro goes to the Middle East.. I guess it is Google and those geeks can and do get away with far too much.. I used google to get the link so I’m hooked..

    Wonder what the China offices look like? Mirroring Mao perhaps?

  17. James Jones

    Google’s China office:

    You asked, Google answered. :)

  18. doc molloy


    James Jones: Google’s China office:

    You asked, Google answered. :) · 4 minutes ago

    I guess you’d call that modern Chinese quasi American Industrial a la post America industrial goes to China..

  19. tabula rasa

    Judith:  Please be more careful.  Ricochet has some older members (me included) who can’t handle that much sensory overload.

    Now that I’ve recovered, I can only say that Google gave its designer a bit too much budget.

  20. FeliciaB

    Whew! Can’t say the low walls weren’t stressing me just a bit.

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