Buckeyes Go for Romney

From Ricochet friend and conservative entrepreneur Ed Kinsey, who has been spending time in his homestate of Ohio, comes this mailer, from the local Catholic churches:

It’s never a good idea to pick a fight with Catholics, especially with 22 days to go before an election. Especially in Ohio.

And then this, from Zogby and Newsmax:

The crucial independent vote in Ohio is warming up to Republican candidate Mitt Romney and turning a cold shoulder to President Barack Obama, according to cumulative data trends from NewsmaxZogby polling. When independents were asked who they would vote for if the election were held today, the percentage of likely voters in Romney’s favor has steadily climbed over the three installments of the polling period: In the first round, 31 percent said they’d vote for Romney; in the second round, Romney scored much higher with 35 percent; and in the third and final round, independents weighed heavily in Romney’s favor with 37 percent of the independent vote. On the other hand, Obama’s chances with Ohio independent voters declined, indicating a growing dissatisfaction with the president among independents. In the first round of polling data, he garnered 42 percent of the vote. In the second round of data he fell off a percentage point with 41 percent of the vote. In the final tally, his fall was more pronounced, down to 39 percent of the vote.

It’s hard to tell, of course, how this will all break in November. I mean, the trouble with Catholics isn’t a new issue for Obama. But I’m getting the sense that it’s all adding up for him, all of the slights and mistakes and wrong turns, they’re all being tallied up now, and the balance sheet is starting to look bad. And bankrupt.