1. Dex Quire

    Toobin wears a toupe.* But then again so do some conservatives so I guess that takes the sting out of my ad homi…say, why don’t we do a study: who wears more toupes: liberals or conservatives…?

    * This is the level of intellectual discussion J. Toobin deserves…

  2. notmarx

    Not even Anthony Lane can get me back to The New Yorker.  I think it was a casual slander of George W. Bush in a David Denby movie review that cut it for me.  From what I can see it’s gotten worse since my subscription lapsed; but it’s good to be alerted when they disgrace themselves again.  Thanks for that Mollie.  

    The access to their archives a subscription provides I confess I still find tempting.  

  3. with me where I am

    You’re right, Mollie. Bork must have done something really right to have engendered such hatred. What greater tribute on this earth could one receive?

  4. raycon and lindacon

    We are known by the enemies we make.  Robert Bork offended the least worthy people in America.  Sadly, their side have prevailed thus far.

    In Teddy Kennedy’s America, women are left to drown in cars while their lover works feverishly not to save them, but to save himself and line up his alibi.

  5. Here I Stand!

    Feared in death.  Such is the liberal courage… Wait for when they cannot respond and pounce, yet again.

    Decent folk get real tired of this real soon…  NRA membership surging in wake of Newtown and voluminous liberal cries for gun control.

    Bork’s books set for a surge in renewed interest among the common folk.

    Here I Stand!

    Toobin… sit down and clamp your pie hole (an all American sentiment).


  6. KC Mulville

    Over the past few weeks, for various reasons, we’ve been discussing civility.

    We consider civility for its own sake; i.e., to respect others as a matter of course, or as a commitment to live well with others. Others believe that civility is simply a strategy for helping you achieve what you want. 

    One is a virtue. The other is a mask. 

    Toobin lashed out at Bork in the hour of his death. Toobin saw this as an opportunity to reinforce his agenda. Toobin, therefore, shows what civility means to him.

  7. Capt. Spaulding

    One more “why I no longer read The New Yorker” story? I grew up with the magazine in the house, graduating from the cartoons to the movie, book and theater reviews. Subscribed myself off and on. I thought the magazine was sophisticated and funny. It published Capote, Salinger. As I grew older, though, it seemed pretentious and smug. The covers became political and ham-handed.

    Then, in 2006, Dick Cheney hit a hunting buddy, Harry Whittington, with birdshot. The New Yorker cover presented a parody of the “Brokeback Mountain” poster, with Bush and Cheney in the Ledger and Gyllenhaal roles,  Cheney with shotgun. What did that mean? They were secretly gay? Cheney wanted to shoot Bush? It meant nothing, but it was certainly meant as an insult.

    I have not picked up The New Yorker since.

  8. Mike LaRoche

    I would call Toobin a piece of garbage, but then garbage might sue me for defamation of character.

  9. iDad

    Toobin set out to diminish Judge Bork and failed.  He succeeded in diminishing himself to the vanishing point.

  10. Ryan M

    Oh, Molly… that you only now feel slightly ashamed of that New Yorker subscription.  ;)

    The passing of Bork, however, is far sadder a day (and will be remembered by far more) than will be the passing of Toobin, I’m afraid.  I should also point out that while far worse things could have been said about Ted Kennedy, who deserved no fanfare or mourning, but only contempt – conservatives, for the most part, respectfully refrained.

  11. laserguy

    I stopped reading The New Yorker twenty years ago after Pauline Kael retired. Looks like I haven’t missed anything.

  12. Pat in Obamaland

    Shameful.  Just shameful.

  13. Roberto

    Reading such all that one can take away is pain. Seeing that any one of the brood of Kennedys which have plagued our nation are held in anything less than contempt, it is the failure of our times that line of men can be quoted without shame. This is no remembrance of Bork, but recitation of past sins enacted by the media and the mendacious in government. 

  14. Despair Troll

    Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

    A hit piece on a guy who changed the course of American law disguised as an obit?  I suppose death was a good time Toobin could write this about Bork.  In life Bork stood too tall for someone like Toobin to bite at his ankles.  What an unbelievable jerk.

  15. Stephen Hall

    New Yorker  - Pravda on the Hudson. No …. Pravda had more class.

  16. 10 cents

    Toobin or not Toobin that is the question. I feel the same way about him as I feel about Sally Quinn on faith. The best way I can describe it is surreal in need of a shower. 

  17. Barbara Duran

    I admire you greatly, Mollie, but I am astonished that you continue to send money to The New Yorker.  I subscribed for decades, but cancelled my subscription during the Sid Blumenthal era there, when it dawned on me I was paying my enemies to help destroy everything I held dear. I still read the magazine once in a while, when back issues appear on my library’s “Free!  Help Yourself!” table, but not one red sou will they get from my purse.  I won’t even accept it at (almost) no cost, as they continue to offer to me, because then they would count me as a subscriber to attract advertising dollars. 

    Yes, I know.  That’s not your topic, which is the brilliant and esteemed Robert Bork, a great man who can’t be diminished by the squeaks of  Jeffey Toobin or any other pantywaist New Yorker opinion writer.  It’s their shame and let them live with it.  Mediocrity sees nothing higher than itself.  

  18. OSweet

    This post works as a partial Fisking, of the vile and vacuous and vituperative Toobin. Why doesn’t someone execute a full and proper Fisking? That’s what gets noticed in a broader sense.

    Wish Ricochet had an in-house Fisker, adept in rapid-response takedowns. Like how Breitbart uses its Retracto, the correction alpaca. Ricochet could have Refuto, the fisking Marmot. Or something.

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