Bob Costas Goes Keith Olbermann — And Not In A Good Way

Bob Costas is always a bit melodramatic for my taste, but when he goes political, it’s particularly embarrassing.

As he did during the halftime of the Cowboys-Eagles game tonight when he spoke in favor of gun control. A few selected tweets in response to his rant:

  1. dittoheadadt

    Mike Lupica is another brain-addled sports guy.  Turns out they’re no smarter than idiot Libs in any other field of work.

    If Costas were at least a half-wit he’d know the story of the Florida internet cafe (armed citizen, no one hurt, 2 thugs in custody) and the Colorado theater (no armed citizens, many dead and hurt) and would’ve let us wonder if he’s a moron instead of proving it.

    By the way, have any of you seen him furrow his brow lately? Nope. Botoxer.

  2. SpinozaCarWash

    NBC decided to use this tragedy to preach what is essentially a cheap and easy  political message to a football audience — and they decided to do so in a way that was completely one-sided, and based in nothing but strained emotionalism and topical expedience.

    I bet Costas and his producers think themselves brave for having engaged in what is nothing more than a bit of  hamfisted propaganda.

    Of course the officious moral preening of some cosmopolitan coastal coward does nothing but than exploit the female victim, forgive the murderer, and blame some aspect of the  “culture” for a tragedy that, among the overwhelming majority of gun owners, never happens.

  3. The Cloaked Gaijin

    I remember that Costas and Rush Limbaugh used to be very friendly towards each other. Limbaugh grew up in Missouri, and Costas moved to Missouri. Limbaugh appeared on Costas’ show Later for some extended interviews, but I remember that they had a bad falling out about 10 or 15 years ago.

  4. HeartofAmerica

    As a Kansas Citian, don’t even get me started on Jason Whitlock, a former KC Star sports writer. Jason will always use a real (or fake) tragedy to push his personal agenda (and agenda that continues to grow). His tenure here in KC was full of weekly controversial bombs and it was with a welcome relief when he left (under strange circumstances…depending on Jason’s POV though). Bob Costas, a fellow Missourian from St. Louis, is keenly aware of gun violence in hometown as it’s one of the highest in the nation.

    Instead of exploiting this tragedy by rolling out a ban against guns, why not focus on the other obvious issues to need to be addressed…that BEG to be addressed:

    • Domestic violence

    • Young, ill prepared “boys” thrown into a situation where they are suddenly NFL stars making lots of money and they have trouble handling all the stress that comes with it. Does the NFL have programs for these boys?
    • Black on Black crime

    It’s easier to try to control gun ownership than try to fix the real social issues that need attention.


    We should all take note of what Whitlock and Costas have done here. 

    What has been a complaint among conservatives since Nov. 6? Low-information voters. Well, this is how the media gets to those people–by infusing liberal ideology within the context of news that has nothing to do with politics.

    Yes, to us well-informed conservatives, we grimace when we hear this kind of stuff happen. But, to the low information voter who respects Costas and Whitlock, this perverted reasoning sounds reasonable, even if these reporters are commenting on topics far outside of their (alleged) expertise. I’m not saying it automatically makes these voters committed liberals. But, it definitely makes these people think more like Costas and Whitlock than like us. 

    The problem we have as conservatives is we think it’s uncouth to insert politics into topics that have nothing to do with politics, especially when  the setting is on a national level. Well, this should be a lesson. We need to change our behavior. And the communication pattern can’t be in the “red meat” ways we talk to each other. It must be rational and reasonable like Costas and Whitlock are seeming to be. 

  6. Joseph Stanko

    Yeah, I’m having a lousy day of football watching. This morning a rain storm knocked out my cable, causing me to miss most of my Niners game. Though considering how poorly they played you could argue that was an act of divine mercy. Now that my cable’s back on, I have to sit through a lecture on gun control. Can’t we even have one politics-free zone in American life?

  7. Jimmy Carter

    Yeah, I was going to post on this very topic. Couldn’t bring Myself to gather a coherent thought after listening to Costner. UNbelivable.

    That is the message I wish Chiefs players, professional athletes and all of us would focus on Sunday and moving forward. Handguns do not enhance our safety. They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments, and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it.

    Two story buildings don’t enhance Our safety. Pools of water don’t enhance Our safety. Automobiles don’t enhance Our safety.

    Whatever. Y’all get the idea.

    Asininity on parade.

  8. Hartmann von Aue

    Mrs. Hemmingway: There is no good way to go Keith Olbermann. Not in any possible universe. 

  9. Joe

    Jay Nordlinger often mentions the Sportcaster syndrome (I don’t think he calls it that) in his Impromptus – basically sportswriters who feel they need to comment on politics to be significant and show they’re serious people. I think part of it is the principle that you never get more serious than what you assume the audience seeks you out for: if you’re a political writer and you make a sports reference, it’s probably okay, since it’s a lighter mood, but if you’re a sports writer, you can’t darken it up with politics. There are exceptions – George Will handles both tenderly – but I think it’s true in most instances.

  10. Commodore BTC

    I’m curious what Pat Sajak’s thoughts are about an entertainment broadcaster using his platform to voice a political opinion.

  11. Yeah...ok.

    The 40-some percent who pay no taxes outvoted the 40-some percent who cling to their bibles and guns.

    The bible helps us earn what we have. The guns help us keep what we earn.

    Their gonna try and take all we have.

  12. Mark Wilson

    Handguns do not enhance our safety. They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments, and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it. — Jason Whitlock

    An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. — Robert A. Heinlein

    Whom do you believe?

  13. Steven Jones

    A firearm is an equalizer. It permits a 90-lb woman to defend against a 250-lb assailant.

    Therefore, gun control advocates want more women to be beaten and raped.

  14. Percival

    That was both tasteless and tactless, in the proud tradition of NBC.

    I neither know nor care where Bob Costas lives, but he probably has a security service watching over him while he sleeps.

  15. Mothership_Greg

    That Whitlock piece is disgusting.

    Football is embarrassingly tone deaf.

    A 25-year-old kid gunned down his 22-year-old girlfriend in front of his mother and three-month-old child, and all he could think to do in the immediate aftermath is rush to thank his football coach and football employer. Belcher’s last moments on this earth weren’t spent thanking the mother who raised him or apologizing to the child he would orphan. His final words of gratitude and perhaps remorse were reserved for his football gods.

    Self-awareness much?

    In the coming days, Belcher’s actions will be analyzed through the lens of concussions and head injuries. Who knows? Maybe brain damage triggered his violent overreaction to a fight with his girlfriend. What I believe is, if he didn’t possess/own a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.

    I’m fairly certain that a 6’2, 228 lb 25 year old man who shoots his girlfriend 9 times would have found other means than a firearm to end her life.  I’m also fairly certain that armchair psychoconjecture about murder/suicides is a little bit tone deaf.

  16. TheSophist

    Shouldn’t Bob Costas be hounded out of a job for this, the way Rush was?

    Where da hounds of the Right be at?

    Oh, that’s right… we on the Right don’t do that hounding thing too well.

  17. Casey Taylor

    I knew I felt some kinship for Allen Covert.  I’ve been one of his Twitter followers for quite awhile now.

  18. Palaeologus

    @THATAllenCovert: Bob Costas should stick to sports and being short..

    …and wearing make-up by the gallon.

    On camera that man has rosier cheeks than a chubby toddler in a roomful of pinch-happy great aunts.

  19. Bereket Kelile

    I couldn’t believe he was scoring cheap political points when the two bodies were still warm. 

    He talks about how guns enhance our drive for violence. Let me see…what else can do that? Hmmm….how about…FOOTBALL! Why else are big hits such a big part of the game? Football doesn’t “enhance” anyone’s safety either. 

    I’m sure if Belcher decided to go into a different career path he might not have killed anyone. I’m sure if the two lived in different cities they might not have died. And on and on it goes. There are a million things that could have changed the path of their two lives. 

  20. EThompson

    Frankly, I’ve lost patience with most sportscasters; it’s all about them and the game seems to be the secondary attraction.

    Exceptions from the good ole days: Cheryl Miller and Steve Young.

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