Blog Favorites Displaced by Ricochet

As I was rifling through the archives of my looooong neglected blog (last post was in 2011, so, no, I’m not asking you to visit), looking for my unpublished predictions for what the left-wing Obama administration would do to the world (see news on Egypt, Syria..), the country ($17 trillion in debt), and the character of Americans (exploding sense of entitlement), my eye came to rest on my short, and carefully selected Blog List.

Sure, there are the typical right winger’s “go-to” sites: NRO, Dr…

  1. iWc

    I read Ricochet and WuWT and Drudge. 

    Ricochet is the only place where I get involved with comments/discussion. 

  2. Susan in Seattle

    Count me in as an American Digest fan: Gerard Van der Leun is marvelous – plus he’s sort of a neighbor.  Don Surber is another favorite and thankfully, he’s back online again after about 18 months.  Maggie’s Farm and  Never Yet Melted are also “must reads” in our house.

  3. TeamAmerica

    I like ‘’, written by April Gavarza. She doesn’t write often enough but her writing is very pointed and concise.

  4. Scott Wilmot

    WC – like you, I love the Anchoress – she is a daily fix.

    My first choice every day to check news is (Jim Hoft does a marvelous job and has great guest bloggers) and

    To stay current on religion and politics my daily fix includes,, and

    For good conservative writing I go to and for good writing and beauty I go to

    There is too much good stuff to read every day. My own personal blog has definitely suffered from reading all this other good stuff.

  5. The King Prawn

    I wonder the opposite a little. I was reading the Federalist some today and became concerned that it might suck all the contributor talent out of Ricochet. Ben started the thing when he could have just as easily posted his material here. Mollie’s gone over, Rick Wilson is writing there as well. If he comes for D.C. McAllister or Dave Carter I’ll go get DocJay and we’ll end him. I understand that the interaction required by Ricochet is costly to “the professionals,” but that is the whole point of Ricochet. We can read good writing anywhere; only here can we join the conversation. I wonder if some of the professionals really don’t want to have a conversation and aren’t at all concerned about what the members have to say. If I want to be talked at I’ll visit a leftist site.

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