Bill McGurn, Who Lived Through It, on the Meaning of Hurricane Sandy

Bill, writing in today’s Wall Street Journal:

Judging from their numerous appearances on our TV screens, Michael Bloomberg and Barack Obama have come through Hurricane Sandy just fine. The same cannot be said for their brand of governing. Of all the vulnerabilities exposed by this storm, the biggest hit may have been to Blue State Liberalism….

For all the talk about infrastructure, it never seems to get the repairs or upgrades it needs. For all the talk about public education, it is precisely the people whose interests liberals supposedly protect—racial minorities and the poor—who suffer most from a failing public-school system….

In New York we get a mayor who makes war on Big Gulp sodas while proving himself inept at basic government functions such as clearing snow. At the national level, we get a president who vows to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy even though some might not be without power if regulators in Washington and New York hadn’t been making the environment so hostile to new investment.

Scott Reusser comes to mind once again, doesn’t he? We really, really need to vomit the liberalism out.