Bill Clinton, in Full Bloom

The former president’s book, Back to Work; Esquire put him on its cover; and PBS has made him the subject of a a four-hour documentary, Clinton. “We are in the midst,” as Andrew Ferguson explains in the current issue of the Weekly Standard,

of a Clinton revival. After a brief dip during his wife’s presidential campaign, the line of his ascent only steepens, carrying him through showers of rose petals towards halos of light.

Andy’s piece is marvelous–brilliant and hilarious–so be sure to read it in full. But to whet your appetite:

No president has been as ravenous for campaign cash as Bill Clinton….President Clinton attended fundraisers as often as five and six days a week. He turned perks of the presidency into instruments for raising cash; the White House itself was merchandised. Nearly 80 campaign contributors and bundlers, few of them personally friendly with the Clintons, were invited to spend the night in the Lincoln Bedroom and the Queen’s Bedroom as a token of the president’s gratitude….

It was impossible at the time, and still is, to disentangle the partisan motives of the congressional Republicans who impeached Bill Clinton from whatever genuine sense of duty they felt to insist that his crimes be formally proved, recorded, and censured. Yet the question is beside the point, for the motives, whatever they were, don’t violate the soundness of the case made against him. An ethics committee of the Arkansas state supreme court, comprising mostly Democrats, came to the same conclusion that congressional Republicans did, and insisted that Clinton be disbarred. The federal judge to whom he lied under oath fined him $90,000, saying “no reasonable person would seriously dispute” that Clinton had given “false, misleading, and evasive answers that were designed to obstruct the judicial process….”

Before the last bell is rung…a final detail from the Starr investigation deserves a place in the image Americans hold of their 42nd president. 

Late one night in 1995, the president was seeking congressional support for his plan to send American troops to Bosnia. As he took to the phone to lobby Rep. Sonny Callahan of Alabama, he saw that Monica had nothing to do. So he beckoned her over to do the thing he liked best about her.

Being sexually serviced by an intern while discussing the deployment of American soldiers to a war zone isn’t an impeachable offense. But it certainly is an interesting piece of information, isn’t it?