Beware the Exit Polls

I add this, as a note of caution to Brother Robinson below, from the Daily Caller:

Mark Blumenthal has a very good warning for all of us tonight: Ignore exit polls.

As Blumenthal explains,

“[T]he initial results of the exit poll interviews have had frequent problems with non-response bias, a consistent discrepancy favoring the Democrats that has appeared to some degree in every presidential election since 1988. Usually the bias is small, but in 2004 it was just big enough to convince millions of Americans who saw the leaked results on the Internet that John Kerry would defeat George W. Bush. It didn’t work out that way.”

Exit polls may not be great at head-to-head horse race information, but they still serve an important purpose: Providing us with demographic information.

So, take a deep breath. We may indeed lose this battle, but if we do, it won’t be until the wee hours.