Best Political Writing of 2012?

It just might be Dave Barry’s lousy, no-good 2012 year-in-review essay for the Miami Herald.

Here’s a tidbit:

It was a cruel, cruel year — a year that kept raising our hopes, only to squash them flatter than a dead possum on the interstate… 

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, having dealt with all of the city’s other concerns — disaster preparation, for example — turns his attention to the lone remaining problem facing New Yorkers: soft drinks. For far too long, these uncontrolled beverages have roamed the city in vicious large-container packs, forcing innocent people to drink them and become obese. Bloomberg’s plan would prohibit the sale of soft drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces, thereby making it impossible to consume larger quantities, unless, of course, somebody bought two containers, but the mayor is confident that nobody except him would ever be smart enough to think of that… 

San Francisco, not wishing to be outdone by New York in the field of caring about the public welfare, bans beverage containers altogether, requiring restaurants to serve soft drinks by pouring them directly into their customers’ mouths.

The full article is worth a read–full of laughs AND insight. Read the rest here.

Proposition: If you were given a momentary pass on the virtue of optimism, would you agree with Dave that 2012 was a lousy year? Why or why not?