Benghazi and the Pool of Time

If anything validates my post some weeks ago (“GOP, RIP”) that the Republicans in Washington are no longer an effective vehicle of political opposition, it has to be their pathetically poor performance in the Hillary Clinton hearings today.

Apart from Rand Paul and Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson, they looked like trained poodles dancing to the commands of ringmaster Hillary. Every key question—Why the lousy security? Why the foot-dragging response while Americans were dying? Why was Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi in the first place? Why the cover story regarding the video? why is its innocent maker still in jail?-were either botched, dropped, or, worse, turned to Hillary’s advantage. If only Daniel Patrick Moynihan had been there, even for 10 minutes–or Jesse Helms!

But never mind, that train’s left the station. Watching Hillary, and thinking about Obama since his inauguration, made me think of Harold Nicolson’s description of Napoleon on the eve of his invasion of Russia, when he thought he would rule Europe forever:

The penalty of the cynic, who believes that human beings are actuated only by the motives of greed and fear, is that by his very cynicism he arouses passions of humiliation and resentment which in the end prove more potent than any rational calculation…[he] fails to understand that what he dismisses as ‘ideology’ are in fact ideas; and that what he discards as ‘sentiment’ is the expression of deep and powerful feeling.

 Then Nicolson wrote this:

Some seemingly vast event may drop into the pool of time and arouse no more than a sudden momentary splash; a pebble may fall into the pool and create a ripple which, as it widens and extends, can stir the depths.

What we need is an opposition party that can sense what stirs the depths of the American people. We don’t have that yet; but I’m guessing Obama and Co. will give us plenty of opportunities to find one that does.

  1. Larry L

    I agree, it does seem as if the Republicans have simply given up and accepted their role as doormats.  Their loss in 2012 was well deserved, not because their ideas were worse, but because they just wouldn’t fight for them.  And of course, it didn’t help that Akin and Mourdock couldn’t keep from running their mouths before engaging whatever brains they have.  Unfortunately, I don’t have much hope for a serious alternative to them for the near future. 

  2. Sisyphus

    As the rank fecklessness and corruption proceeds, anyone who articulates why we are over the cliff and in free fall, why we need to change course, why the last month of continued Congressional binge is just shoveling more dirt on the prospects of our children and grandchildren, why greed is good when destruction is creative and greed is bad when it is politicians redirecting trillions to cronies and other undeserving specimens.

  3. flownover

    I ‘d like the pebble to fall as I wait for the party to get started .

  4. Devereaux

    My memory is fuzzy, but I seem to recollect that Watergate took some time to actually get rolling. What is needed is continued interest – by the feckless republican party. Just like F&F.

  5. DocJay

    I wonder if most of the people who could ask the tough questions have files on them of their corruption and don’t want attention brought to bear on them.

  6. DocJay

    Okay, that was conspiracy theory. I’ll try this one. How about that most politicians are spineless idiots who are more concerned with their cushy jobs with the perks than they are with the well being of our country.

  7. Blame The Innocent

    No Youtube questions?

    Ricochet’s own KC Mullville asked some time ago:  “…what does it say that your entire mideast policy has unraveled because of a video on YouTube?”

    As for conspiracies, the Youtube director was supposed to be locked up until three days after the election.  Even more convenient, why couldn’t the politicians be bothered to have hearings before the election?

  8. Blame The Innocent

    There was the old “war on drugs” public service announcement frying the egg.  Rearrange to read:  this is your brain…this is your brain in the Senate.

    DocJay: Okay, that was conspiracy theory. I’ll try this one. How about that most politicians are spineless idiots who are more concerned with their cushy jobs with the perks than they are with the well being of our country. · 45 minutes ago

  9. DocJay

    In that case, the egg should be scrambled.

  10. Larry L

    Arthur, I admire your refusal to give in to pessimism!  On the other hand, I feel like the character in the novel “Barabbas” – the best I can say is, “I want to believe.”   Unfortunately, our current political class, Republican and Democrat, make despair almost an attractive option.

  11. Arthur Herman

    I understand the stated worry now for John Boehner and others is that Obama is trying to “annihilate” the Republican Party.   What’s worse, being targeted for annihilation or proclaiming that you think you’re a fair target for annihilation?    Who clears these statements, John Stewart?!

    But I refuse to be pessimistic! 

  12. Sisyphus

    Classic. Leave it to Obama to attempt to claim credit for the self-annihilation of the GOP already in progress. 

  13. Sisyphus
    DocJay: In that case, the egg should be scrambled. · January 23, 2013 at 11:26pm

    I’m thinking the yeggs should be scrambled.

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