Behold the Double Standards. Again.

Two items of note to mention:

  • The United States Senate has approved warrantless phone-tapping for the next five years by a vote of 73-23. It is worth remembering that the Senate is controlled by Democrats. As the article goes on to note, President Obama is “a vocal supporter” of the legislation and is sure to sign it. (Link via InstaPundit.)

  • As Jonathan Adler reports, the Obama administration appears to have tried to suppress scientific reports regarding the impact of genetically modified salmon on the environment. The White House’s action was deemed “a direct violation of numerous ethics regulations and possibly of federal laws,” that “was instituted over the objections of scientists at the FDA, but with the awareness of HHS Secretary Sibelius, her senior adviser Andrea Palm and the Office of Science and Technology Policy and its director John Holdren, who is responsible for enforcing ‘science integrity’ across government agencies.”

Of course, if the Bush administration were in power, port-side pundits would have raised holy Hell regarding these reports. But the Obama administration is in power, so instead, one just hears crickets.