Barack Obama: We Say Goodbye and He Says Hello

Even though it appears more and more likely that Mitt Romney will carry the day next Tuesday, that doesn’t mean we will have seen the last of Barack Obama. There is something in the genetic makeup of modern Democratic presidents that seems to render them incapable of fading into history in a gentlemanly way.

Think about Jimmy Carter, who has managed the seemingly impossible task of becoming worse at being an ex-president that he was at being a president. Or take Bill Clinton…please. Then compare them to Gerald Ford or either of the Bushes. Ronald Reagan faded from view for other reasons, of course, but I can’t imagine his spouting off from his Century City office even had he been able to (His last message to the American people remains one of the most beautiful and touching documents ever written).

And, now, think about this: our current president is just 51 years old! That could mean at least another quarter century of appearances on The View and MTV and The Daily Show. Will he get his own program on MSNBC? Will he become a judge on The Voice? He’s likely to stay away from serious television, just as he does now, so the options are limited. A sitcom? A reality series? The next host of Wheel? So, dear readers, do you have any specific ideas as to how our soon-to-be ex-president might be able to fill his post-White House years? And be nice.