Barack Obama: We Say Goodbye and He Says Hello

Even though it appears more and more likely that Mitt Romney will carry the day next Tuesday, that doesn’t mean we will have seen the last of Barack Obama. There is something in the genetic makeup of modern Democratic presidents that seems to render them incapable of fading into history in a gentlemanly way.

Think about Jimmy Carter, who has managed the seemingly impossible task of becoming worse at being an ex-president that he was at being a president. Or take Bill Clinton…please. Then compare them to Gerald Ford or either of the Bushes. Ronald Reagan faded from view for other reasons, of course, but I can’t imagine his spouting off from his Century City office even had he been able to (His last message to the American people remains one of the most beautiful and touching documents ever written).

And, now, think about this: our current president is just 51 years old! That could mean at least another quarter century of appearances on The View and MTV and The Daily Show. Will he get his own program on MSNBC? Will he become a judge on The Voice? He’s likely to stay away from serious television, just as he does now, so the options are limited. A sitcom? A reality series? The next host of Wheel? So, dear readers, do you have any specific ideas as to how our soon-to-be ex-president might be able to fill his post-White House years? And be nice. 

  1. Melanie Graham

    I think he should be a contestant on Survivor. And when he watches his team mates build their lean-to to get out of the the tropical storms and locust swarms, he can say to them, “you didn’t build that.” I just hope he doesn’t rig the voting when he is cast off the island.

  2. Mark Wilson

    He could host an MTV reality show about the lavish lives of small business owners, who take advantage of all that stuff they “didn’t build” that “the rest of us paid for” in order to make “record profits”.

  3. Troy Senik, Ed.

    Well, I guess Celebrity Apprentice is off the table.

  4. Limestone Cowboy

    A presidential election will be held in Kenya on 4 March 2013.

  5. Ignatius J. Reilly

    Countries in the Westminster system often have politicians fall from the majority to the opposition, only to challenge again for the head of government.

    Australia has recently seen former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd fall from the leadership of the Labor Party, only to mount a challenge within the Labor Party to unseat current Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

    He’s not serious enough to use that Harvard JD as a judge (or God forbid, a Justice) but he will definitely run again.  

  6. Melanie Graham

    They could also bring back “Queen for a Day.” 

  7. DocJay

    Let us examine who he is.  First and always he is a malignant narcissist.  He is also actually quite lazy unless he is very interested in the topic.  In addition, he is not as smart as people make him out to be so he stays in comfort zones.

    This leaves writing books with outside help and expensive lectures paid for by the faithful.   He will do nothing challenging, risky, tedious, or time consuming. 

  8. Boymoose

    Im not sure but the accordian will be involved.  In other words the president of Harvard.

  9. Pat Sajak
    DocJay:    He will do nothing challenging, risky, tedious, or time consuming.  · 0 minutes ago

    So it’s a game show host then?

  10. KayBee
    Limestone Cowboy: A presidential election will be held in Kenya on 4 March 2013. · 4 minutes ago

    Actually, my husband and I were joking about this shortly after we saw the “2016″ documentary.  It will come out after the election that he really was born in Kenya and is technically a Kenyan citizen.  So off he goes to Kenya to run for president! History-maker, indeed!

  11. Matt Blankenship

    He’ll return to his native Kenya [:)], where he’ll be eligible to serve as UN Secretary General.

  12. Devereaux

    Actually, Mr Sajak, I cannot think of anything and remain within your request to “be nice”.

  13. tabula rasa

    Senior Golf Tour for a few months.  After learning some true humility, he’ll slink back to Hawaii.

  14. John Hanson

    After he loses he will continue his perpetual campaign with the goal of becomming president again in 2016, so he can complete the transformation of America into a leftist tyranny.

  15. Ray Kremer

    They’ll probably make him President for life of the U.N./King of the world.

  16. Sister

    The next host of Wheel? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  17. Hang On

    So, dear readers, do you have any specific ideas as to how our soon-to-be ex-president might be able to fill his post-White House years? And be nice.

    He should become a PGA member, become the community organizer for the senior golf tour. 


    Tabula rasa beat me to it.

  18. tabula rasa

    Back to the premise:  that Democratic ex-presidents like the public eye, while Republicans are happy to slip into relative anonymity.

    Here’s my rough analysis based on absolutely no expertise:  For the liberal/left, politics is everything, the center of life. For the right, it’s something you do for a while, then return to things that matter more, like family and clearing brush and riding horses.

  19. Matt Bartle

    He could probably buy Current TV and run the Obama/Olbermann Report 24×7.

  20. Barkha Herman

    The Europeans like him.  Let’s send him to Europe.  He could take is Hollywood entourage with him :-)

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