1. Caryn

    Hello, tovarish. Good to see you here. And the flying monkey a couple days ago. Come often, stay long!

  2. FeliciaB

    Oh cool! Roman is a member! Welcome, Roman!

  3. Roman Genn

    Ergo sum, Felicia.

  4. David John

    This (picture) is the kind of self-destructive propaganda that has kept the Libertarian Party in the xtreme minority.  

    I get it, man, but COOL IT!.  I spent some years in Russia  myself.   You ought to know better!

  5. Roman Genn

    Do tell, Mr. John.

  6. Nobody

    Welcome aboard! Now if only Oleg Atbashian would also join.

  7. Barkha Herman

    Not as beautiful as yours :-D, but…


  8. Roman Genn

    It works, will follow shortly with my interpretation.

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