“Back to Blood” Here at Last

Back in August I posted on the coming release of Tom Wolfe’s new novel, Back to Blood. In so doing I learned Mr. Wolfe has many fans among the Ricochetti, including Founding Father Peter Robinson. Well, today is the day, and the book has arrived to mixed reviews. As one might have expected, given that Wolfe rejects the “charming aristocracy,” among whose number you’ll find most book reviewers, the notices were less than enthusiastic at the New Yorker, the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times, among others. But the Miami Herald, the newspaper of the city where the novel is set, was more impressed.

I pre-ordered the book from Amazon (where, as I write this, it’s at number 28 among all books), and I eagerly await its arrival. I expect to enjoy it every bit as much as I have his earlier works, and I hope he sells a zillion copies. The hell with the charming aristocracy.