1. Cunctator

    Hey Scott – I was yelling at my computer that the punch line was “they look at each other, and say ‘government’s paying, right?’”. Ehhhh, maybe not that funny after all…

  2. Stu In Tokyo

    I cannot get either audio link to work….. I hope you guys can release this podcast soon!

  3. Nathaniel Wright

    Why is Jonah Goldberg threatening to murder Rob with a fork?!

    Quick…to the TARDIS! I must halt the path of that deadly utensil before the time space continuum is permanently damaged.

    Time to summon my faithful companions Bill, Ted, Rufus, and Doctor History!

  4. Scott R
    Erik Larsen: Hey Scott – I was yelling at my computer that the punch line was “they look at each other, and say ‘government’s paying, right?’”. Ehhhh, maybe not that funny after all… · 5 hours ago

    Woulda brought the house down, Erik.

    Or maybe Fluke says, “Sorry fella’s, Georgetown gave me only one condom.”

  5. Gaius Baltar

    I haven’t heard it yet, but here’s my stab -

    Fluke: I’ll buy the drinks if you two stump up the change for the machine in the men’s room.

  6. Scott R

    I started a complete-the-joke thread on the Member Feed if anyone’s interested.

  7. Ryan M

    Boy, for a comedian, you’d think a guy would smile, huh?

    Am hoping that podcast gets released tonight… any chance?  Wouldn’t want everything you guys talked about to become irrelevant overnight!

  8. Nanda Panjandrum

    Highly diverting, gentlemen!

  9. Scott R

    Steyn comes thru with the punchline for the Fluke-Friedman-Brooks-in-a-bar joke. Was there ever a doubt? 

  10. Jolly Roger

    Excellent discussion! Forget sitcoms, these three guys should have a regular TV show. I’d pay per view. Time for you guys to be above the line talent.

  11. Cunctator

    Thanks Scott re joke thread. A comedian’s worst nightmare – being told to “be funny”. Jolly Roger, I still really like the GLoP combo, they are more comedically aligned. The brilliant Steyn is great of course but that trio isn’t quite as fluid IMHO

  12. kennail

    Cannot find the link to allow me to hear the chat between Steyn, Goldbergt and Long; will it be posted later this week?

  13. Clandesteyn

    From the evidence file:


    January 2013- The two consigliares of the Ricochettovenzi family mean-mug for the camera while attending a “legitimate businessmen” conference in Newark. (photo source unknown)





    November 2010- James “Knuckles” Lileks, mob enforcer, throttling a local diner owner (not pictured) for  failing to pay protection money and failing to silence flatware clanking while “Knuckles” narrated a Sinatra retrospective podcast from his diner. (photo obtained by deep-cover source, EJ Smith)





    April 2005- Don Robinson, godfather, pictured with what remains of the last man to cross him, while delivering a threat-laced harangue to his closest lieutenants.  (photo obtained by deep cover source, Pedro R. Rodriguez)

  14. Spin

    That’s a couple o mugs that should be up at the post office!

  15. Jobius

    I missed all but the last terrible question last night… And C-SPAN somehow failed to include it in the highlights show. Podcast? Some other archive?

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