At Princeton, Obama Donors Outnumber Romney Donors 157 to 2

This from the blog of economist John Cochrane:

99 percent of donors from Princeton gave to Obama, reports the Daily Princetonian, 157 to 2. Princeton’s one-percenters are a visiting lecturer and a custodian.

As a colleague pointed out, it may be little wonder that Republican politicians distrust academic “studies,” whether about the effects of taxes on growth or carbon on the climate.The story talks about the reasons for current faculty’s opinions. But that misses the issue, which is how faculty are hired. Certain Opinions need not apply.

I’m actually a little surprised. I would judge Princeton the most conservative of all Ivy League political science departments (albeit that’s a little like being “tall for a dwarf”). I know of at least five professors whom I would call conservative, libertarian, or right-leaning-moderate. That’s double the number I can say of any other Ivy League political science department.