Andrew Klavan has an Attitude Problem

This latest video from Drew Klavan had me laughing pretty hard. Sure hope Romney wins. Because if Obama pulls this election out, Mr. Klavan will find himself at the tippy top of a presidential enemies list.

(The good news for Drew is, it’ll be a long long list….)

  1. Mike Poliquin

    Klavan is awesome. He uses just the right images — both verbal and visual. Sadly, neither I nor my fellow teachers can show this or any of his videos to our students other than our own children at home, so those we most desperately need to see them will continue to postpone their adulthoods in droves — some permanently — so that they can have a liberal phase.

    Please tell me that Master Andrew has several Padawan apprentices developing in the wings. Succession is essential to any good organization …

  2. Dr. C.

    “(The good news for Drew is, it’ll be a long long list….)”

    Where do I go to sign up?

  3. PJS

    I love it!  Keep ‘em coming, Drew!

  4. Misthiocracy

    I think “Corporate Welfare” is a catchier label than “Crony Capitalism”.

    But that’s just me.

  5. fast richard

    I’m glad Andrew Klavin is making the point that Cronyism is not Capitalism.  It has always seemed to me that a better name for “crony capitalism” would be “crony socialism”.  The key feature of cronyism is the use of political connections for economic gain.  That use of government power to control economic decisions is the key feature of socialism.

    Ever since Carl Marx defined Capitalism as the opposite of Socialism and further restricted the description of capitalism to something that is much closer to Mercantilism than to anything involving free markets, the left has controlled the terms of economic debate.  It is all but impossible to defend economic freedom without being seen as defending Crony Capitalism.  We need to make rhetorical space for the ideas of freedom.  One way to do that is by pushing back at misleading terms like crony capitalism.

  6. Louie Mungaray (Squishy Blue RINO)

    Klavan, the man is genius, pure and simple.

  7. Mike H


    Also, Klavan is awesome.

  8. Jim W

    Klavan is a national treasure.

  9. Clandesteyn

    HA!!  The Clinton administration cut was my favorite.

  10. Kay Ludlow

    File this one under “Reasons why I will be voting for Mitt Romney!”

  11. Randy Weivoda

    Another great Klavan bit.  It would be cool if Ricochet would put together an annual DVD for it’s subscribers, featuring all the Andrew Klavan videos from the previous year. 

  12. Mel Foil

    I’m glad that Klavan made the case that banks don’t just do risky things (like pile up lots of poorly-secured real estate loans) in a vacuum. They do those risky things when government is stupid enough to shoulder the risk, but not the reward. Once again, politicians don’t realize how their heavy hand changes the market landscape. They create artificial market incentives, and then wonder why the market stops behaving logically.

  13. DocJay

    The son of George A Romnero strikes.

  14. Jay Bhattacharya

    Klavan is pretty entertaining.  He’s basically telling the story that Peter Wallison tells about the housing/financial collapse, but it sure is more fun to hear Klavan tell it.  I’d hate to be on the receiving end.

  15. randykat

    A Mr. Creosote reference!  What a great symbol of our bloated government, gorging itself on the public trough.  Well done Bald Wonder.  Well done indeed.

  16. Trace


  17. TKC1101

    Crony Capitalism- why invest billions to make a great product or service when  senators, congressman, state legislatures and presidents can be bought for thousands and regulate your competitors to death? The only solution is to make government so small it isn’t worth buying.

  18. SFTechGuy

    I wish his series of videos was shown in every middle and high school in the land. Plus the introduction of an Angry Birds-like game to inoculate the young against all the progressivism they’ll be receiving in their formative years.

  19. Arahant

    I’m still laughing about his one-state solution for the MidEast from several years ago.

  20. doc molloy

    Klavan barada nikto.. the day Earth’s capitalism came to a stand still.. He’s got the look.

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