Andrew Breitbart on Uncommon Knowledge

The tremendous work that Andrew Breitbart accomplished for the conservative cause is all the more remarkable when you consider that he really only became a household name for us conservatives over the past three years.

In April, 2009, while I was working on Uncommon Knowledge, Peter Robinson booked Andrew to appear for an interview. Though Andrew had already established and Big Government, he hadn’t yet become the superstar he would later become, as evidenced by the beginning of segment three in the interview where Peter introduces Andrew as “one of the ten most important people in the media that nobody’s ever met.” To the day he died, Andrew remained one of ten most important people in media, but he was so generous with his time that many of us were fortunate enough to meet him.

The interview itself was great. Andrew’s sense of humor and big personality were truly unrivaled, and will be sorely missed.

Peter had Andrew on Uncommon Knowledge again last June. Here’s a link to that interview.