And Now, the Overreach Begins

Shorter Paul Krugman: “Republican electoral victories were the product of court-approved gerrymanders only. Democratic election victories were the product of the people exercising their voices and had nothing whatsoever to do with gerrymanders that favored Democrats. Don’t make a deal with Republicans on the fiscal cliff. If the economy tanks, that’s fine as long as Republicans get blamed for it and as long as it hurts their constituencies.”

I challenge you to find how that summary is inaccurate in any important way.

In any event, while it is certainly revealing that an economics professor/Nobel Prize winner/New York Times columnist with a more-than-comfortable salary and with no prospects of getting fired from any of his jobs (alas) is willing to advocate a recession that will devastate people still struggling to get out from under the last one, it is just as revealing that only three days after the election, Democrats and their sympathizers are getting ready to overreach politically.

Here’s hoping they reap the whirlwind and soon. Anyone deranged and cynical enough to blithely recommend sending an already weak economy into yet another tailspin deserves as much.