An Update

A week ago — though it seems like longer — we put up a post in which we described the current, precarious position of Ricochet.

What a difference a week makes.

We’re happy to report that through a combination of things, the site seems to be on firmer footing. We’ve attracted an investor or two, we’ve signed up more members — but more than that, we’ve realized just how central this place is to us and our members. Ricochet can’t die, because we and you won’t let it.

We still need more members. There is still a lot of work to do to make the site better — and reach further. Know that every single suggestion, every comment and notion, has been read and re-read and hashed over. We’re collecting and indexing them right now, in fact. This place is our place.

To our members, thanks. Deeply.

To those that aren’t yet members, what are you waiting for? Join today.

To everyone, a very Merry Christmas, which to us came a little early this year.

Rob and Peter