Amid All the Good News, One Ominous Note, Or, Calling Rick Wilson

Since feeling confident almost two weeks before Election Day seems so odd to me–after all, I’m a lifelong Republican–I’ve been searching for a good reason to temper my mood. As it happens, such a reason exists.

Molly Ball, writing in The Atlantic:

While Obama’s office in Sterling is one of more than 800 across the country — concentrated, of course, in the swing states — Romney commands less than half that number, about 300 locations. In the swing states, the gap is stark. Here’s the numerical comparison in what are generally considered the top three swing states — Ohio, Florida and Virginia:

Ridden with anxiety all over again–that’s me. Right back to normal.

Rick Wilson, you’re a political professional, and you’re on the ground right there in Florida. What do you make of this?