Americans Still Hate ObamaCare

According to a new poll conducted by CBS and the NYT (not exactly conservative front groups), more than two-thirds of Americans want to see Obamacare struck down. A whopping 41 percent want the Court to strike down the whole thing, while an additional 27 percent would “only” strike down the individual mandate at the heart of the law. In other words, 68 percent of Americans want to see at least part of the law struck down. Among indepedents, the number is even higher — 70 percent. 

Despite the Obama Team’s confident predictions in 2010 that the law would become more and more popular, the negative polling numbers have held steady for months (see chart). Such polls, of course, don’t guarantee that the Court will strike down the law, but they negate the left’s argument that the Court wouldn’t dare strike down the law for fear of a public backlash.