America the Great: A Little Love from Germany

My brother sent me this article in Die Welt. It’s quite good for European commentary on the U.S., as it actually seems to take care to look at the country as it is. It’s got a handful of mistakes in it (Mormons love to dance! Washington is

  1. Kozak

    Uh Mormons do love to dance….

  2. Hartmann von Aue

    Besten Dank fuer den Tipp, Herr Walsh. I’ll head right over to Die Welt to read Broder in his Muttersprache. Ricocheteers who read German should, if they do not already, read the posts at ‘Die Achse des Guten’ (The Axis of Good). It is a pro-American, pro-Western Civ generally conservative website started by Broder and like-minded types as a response to German anti-Americanism in the Bush years. 

  3. MLH
    Kozak: Uh Mormons do love to dance…. · 4 minutes ago

    BYU’s Ballroom team has won at Blackpool how many times??

  4. Edmund Alexander

    Mormons do, indeed, love to dance.  Honestly, I’ve never seen a more fair and accurate portrayal of Mormons than the South Park episode.  The prohibitions on drinking, cursing, caffeine, etc. makes them far more enthusiastic about everything that fits in the category of “clean fun.”  When I was a teenager, a part of that included toilet-papering the houses of other members of the ward.  We always kept it in the church, it was never destructive or mean-spirited, and it was fairly universally recognized that you were going to get back everything you gave.  But the challenge was always exciting.

    But apart from that most base approach–board games, sanctioned water balloon fights, dancing, singing, etc.–all good fun.  People who drink get jaded more easily and tend to make less effort in enjoying themselves, in my experience.

  5. CoolHand

    Does this mean I have to stop thinking of Germany as “That country that produces nothing but luxury cars, scat porn, and 35 letter words with no vowels in them.”?

  6. Querschläger
    Hartmann von Aue: …Ricocheteers who read German should, if they do not already, read the posts at ‘Die Achse des Guten’ (The Axis of Good)… · 5 minutes ago

    I do! Actually, a link on ‘Achse des Guten’ to a Steyn-piece on NRO is how I found Ricochet.

    You beat me to linking to it! ;-)

  7. Valiuth

    Well this is better than the Spiegle article. I’ll give him that. One day in the future I hope a President Romney will leave Europe in the lurch just to teach them a lesson. 

  8. FloppyDisk90

    Excellent post.  I enjoyed it.  I have to say, however, if the day ever comes that we have to rely on the Europeans for anything other than moral preening and warm beer we’re already dead.

  9. Bill Walsh

    Gern geschehen, Herr von Aue. Ich stehe zur Verfügung.

  10. Percival

    Okay, Hartmann.  I’ll take a swing at it, but mein Deutsch ist sehr schwach.  Oder schlecht.  Or something.

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